Cyber Workforce Development

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"Securing Leadership In Cybersecurity for the Commonwealth” (SLICC), leverages the complementary strengths and needs of the education and business ecosystem to create a win for all involved – with a minimum of friction and extra investment.

SLICC aims to create a scalable, hands-on, practical cybersecurity education program that prepares students without an undergraduate degree or who have been trained in other industries to be effective in entry level cybersecurity roles with security vendors and with end user organization security teams.

STEMatch is implementing a unique and creative collaboration between community colleges, and Massachusetts-based cybersecurity and end user businesses to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the cybersecurity workforce development chain.

  1. Expanding the pool of potential cybersecurity candidates – by delivering a credible and effective path to a successful cybersecurity career for people who can’t afford to attend a 4 year university or who have been trained to work in other industries which are downsizing
  2. Ensuring the delivery of successful cybersecurity professionals – by expanding the hands-on, practical skills learned and by removing barriers from educational institutions optimizing education for students’ success in the business world
  3. Eliminating inefficiency in job placement of educated students – by ensuring the availability of internships and engagement of Massachusetts companies from start to finish