Company executives and break-out teams share their personal stories, explaining how their education prepared them to work at the company – and why they were inspired to build their careers around technology. It’s a great culture-builder, the students’ excitement and joy are contagious! 

Career Day at Carbon Black


Students are engaged with hands-on activities, providing an active learning experience – whether it is coding or learning how to negotiate.  The Career Day Scavenger Hunt enforces learnings from the day and provides students with the opportunity to win prizes.


Career Days have a fast-paced and focused agenda.  Executives explain what their companies do for customers and why they want the students to grow up to work for them. Students rotate through Engineering, Services, and other departments, learning how they how they deliver value to customers.

STEMatch brings together Boston public middle schools and high technology companies, driving programs inside and outside of the classroom to inspire interest in STEM subjects and help build a brighter future for all in our Commonwealth. The Career Day program exposes students to the possibilities of a STEM education through an active engagement at a local high tech company.

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Career Days