STEMatch’s Business Plan Competition aims to help reduce the STEM Opportunity Gap for Boston Public School students by leveraging the students’ differing interests (the technology itself, marketing, sales, product management, etc.), hands-on development of a business plan to further on of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and mentorship from local tech businesses.

The students work as a team, and learn what is required to create a product or service and start a business – with highly structured mentoring and hands-on experience reinforcing various math, engineering, and design concepts.  Students learn about design, engineering, marketing, sales, and finance – and how all of those disciplines contribute to the technology industry (and create strong and high paying careers). 

Businesses’ staff provide mentorship and coaching in their areas of expertise in a series of 4 one-hour-long meetings (3 at the business site), helping the students craft their plan and prototypes.  At the end of the program, students present their businesses to a group of judges, consisting of some of Boston’s leading venture capitalists and tech CEOs - with the winning classroom winning scholarships for attendance at Boston-area STEM summer camps.

RedHat,, and Carbon Black have signed up to participate in this program, as have the Orchard Gardens, Perry, and Murphy Schools in Boston - and 8 leading venture capitalists and tech company CEOs.  STEMatch is currently seeking to complete funding to make this program a reality.

7th Grade Business Plan Competition

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