The problem is the science and technical education of our children – and it is both a business and a societal problem. The “system” isn’t working. Businesses know this because of the difficulty in finding and hiring technical talent.  It isn’t easy. 

​In the next decade nearly all of the fastest growing occupations in Massachusetts will require a strong background in science, technology, engineering and math.  But our educational system doesn’t deliver enough STEM-educated students. Worse, huge segments of our population – urban students, veterans, displaced workers – don’t have access to or are turned off to STEM subjects at a very early age, and often never see the opportunities made possible by STEM.

STEMatch brings together Boston Public Schools, Community Colleges, and high technology companies, organizing and supporting programs inside and outside of the classroom to inspire interest in STEM subjects and help make a brighter future more accessible to all in the Commonwealth.


Our state is facing a serious problem.  You can help solve it. 

Periodic programs such as STEMatch's (3 hour) Career Day field trips and continuous programs such as robotics team coaching expose students to careers in high tech companies and provide them with hands-on experience with engineering, marketing, sales, product management and more.

Let us know you want to help!

Join our other company and school partners in helping children become STEM-inspired and STEM-ready. Help them see the economic opportunity enabled by STEM education - and understand that they can achieve this. Help their dedicated teachers provide effective and rich education, inside and outside of the classroom.

In doing so you will not just be helping our young people and our communities. You will be helping your business by grooming the next generation of scientists, engineers and programmers - and building a culture desired by your increasingly community service-focused staff.
Computers that are out-of-date for your developers can change a student's life. Helping to fill classrooms with Chrome Books and Science Benches provides the necessities for today's STEM education. In-kind and financial donations help make the opportunity of STEM education a reality for Boston public middle school students.

The STEMatch approach is simple, efficient, and effective. Quick start programs help you have impact with manageable time investment.  No bureaucracies to deal with.  No hoops to jump through. The only surprises will be the difference you’ll be making in the lives of young people – and by the enthusiasm of your employees as they help local students.

You can make a difference



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